All About Me

Im Rachelle,
a 39 y/o, work at home, mother of 6 (2 girls, 4 boys).
This blog is about my daily life. Nothing spectacular, just the day to day ramblings of a busy mom of 6

If there was one word to describe me it would have to be UNIQUE!
There is no mold, category, social status or anything else for that matter to file me under.

I believe in God
but I will not put him in a box by claiming a denomination.
(already a fun one, ain't I)

Ive been judged, Ive been called just about every name you can think of but I really don't care. My journey has made me who I am and Im pretty freakin awesome ~if I do say so myself. 

My kids are my life. They are amazing! They love God, they are respectful~most of the time, they are well mannered~although the teen years are testing this area for some reason~, they have an amazing relationship with each other and they have an extremely amazing relationship with me.
Their father and I have an unbreakable bond that has stood the test of time and MANY trials. I have caused this man so many years of hurt but he used my mistakes as a reason to love me even more so he is my hero. He spoils me to a ridiculous point...he gets so much enjoyment in making me feel special. I can't thank him enough for always picking me back up, even if he was the one hurt the most by my fall. I owe him my loyalty and dedication...for life, "old man"!
I truly believe the secret to a happy marriage is 100%honesty, trust, communication, understanding and a little space. We have separate bedrooms and its seriously amazing!
 My children are well taken care of and we are closer than any other "normal" or "functional" family you will see. We have mastered the idea of family FOR US and I don't really care what anyone has to say about it. It works!

I am a FIRM BELIEVER in MEDICAL marijuana! 
~note that I said medical and I am NOT AT ALL ok with misuse or abuse as a recreational drug~
And before you spout off your facts, please know that Ive researched this for years now and I feel that I have already made an informed decision. Having acute panic disorder and anxiety attacks I can say that marijuana has single handedly saved my life! I went from having severe panic attacks (that were so severe I would often times pass out) a few times a month, to not having them at all! I think I have had 1 in the past year! The medication the Dr.s wanted to put me on made me a zombie and I was unable to be the mom that I am. 
Took them for a week and said, "NOPE"! 
I also have fibromyalgia and some type of debilitating bone and joint issue that has robbed me of my once, super productive life. Have you ever seen the commercials for the pills that are supposed to help with these illnesses? They have way more negative side effects than I am willing to deal with! I choose natural oils (both essentials and marijuana oil) to get me through the pain.

Being a mom is THE most important thing to me so I do what I need to do to be as present as possible in their lives.!
Marijuana works for me! I can still be everything they need me to be and I have a relaxing calm about things. You can't tell me its wrong...
1-The bible tells me Im allowed to use the seed-bearing  herbs of the ground
2-Ive prayed and asked God to convict me if its conviction at all, whatsoever.
3-I am 39 and clearly out of the woods as far as brain damage
(as the newest research shows only brain damage in undeveloped brains, and what age does your brain develop? 23-25 years I think Im good)
4-Ive had several discussions with my children who know that I use for medical purposes and they all know and appreciate the fact that I am still able to be a RESPONSIBLE and ~might I add~ bad ass mom. 

I am a poet.
Like the kind that should've lived back in the old days when poetry really meant something and true love was worth dying for....yea that's me. Ive been gifted with a love like that and it stays with me wherever I go. Its a part of who I am and anyone who knows me knows all about it. I stopped hiding it, I learned how to manage it and now I just let it be what it is and anyone that doesn't like it...well I'm sorry but it's my life, not yours and I don't care!

So I've covered all the bases on that and Im good

I am tired of sensoring myself for other people.

Just because I love God doesnt mean I am perfect.
I know where I stand with God and my family.

If you dont like what you see, there are millions of other people to meet in this world.....have at it!

I am a strong woman who spent the first half of life letting the opposite sex determine my worth and value and now I am enjoying seeing myself through Gods eyes. I have found my groove and I am loving life!

I have a million pet seriously
noises of the mouth, clicking noises...just odd noises in general. chewing with your mouth closed is just good manners, am I right?
I don't like feet (honestly the only tolerable feet for me are those of my kids, especially when they're babies...i loved my babies feet!)

I have a few addictions...

I gave up starbucks on 12-31-14....
*RIP Starbucks*

Simply Orange (the best orange juice in the world)

Bert's bees lip balm~try it, your lips will be so soft!

Salads~Im a salad freak now! All kinds of salads

Music (I have music on at all times)

Being all wrapped in my kids lives 

My life is chaotic but I love every minute of it!
That's my story and I'm stickin to it :)