Saturday, March 11, 2017

What's mine is theirs?

It's no secret to anyone that knows me that my husband loves to spoil me. He is always looking for the latest and greatest thing (mostly technology) and always showers me with things that he thinks will make my life easier and more fulfilled. 
What a lucky girl, right?

Yea, right!

Anyone ever seen Finding Nemo? The scene with all the seagulls screaming, "MINE...MINE...MINE...MINE"? This is my children when they see that I have something new, and hey my kids? They have the most amazing ability to sniff out new things! 
Never fails...

New earphones?

New bluetooth?

New phone?

New MacBook?

New screen cover?

New phone case?

New gadgets?

Even something that doesn't mean anything to them but is so big to me, such as....

New pens...

New books...

New markers...

And especially when he spoils me with treats, like....

Sherri's Berries

Olive Garden take out

Masri Sweets trays

or my all time favorite...
Lebanese sandwiches from Country Restaurant

I had to put the video with each new thing so you can fully grasp what Im dealing with here. I would love to have one...JUST ONE thing to myself but thats very rare around here and I guess its my fault, really. Although, I have to admit that things are actually getting better in this department. I have a cigar box filled with markers, pens and colored pencils that ~for the most part~ are mine and they don't touch. :) 
Anyways, a huge thank you to the hubby for spoiling me... maybe one of these days Ill get to enjoy the spoils 

For all you parents of grown children....
This does die down as they get out and on their own....
~please say yes!~