Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Bathroom Hideout Invaded

An age old question that only has 2 possible answers...

Is the bathroom your own private time?

When you go to the bathroom and lock the door, do you trust that you won't be barged in on? My best friend says that she taught her kids from day 1 that the bathroom is a persons personal space and that it was not to be invaded. While my children have always felt that it was ok to come in and out of the bathroom regardless of what position I am in (naked in the tub or constipated on the toilet) and they just think nothing of it. They will literally stare at me and keep talking about whatever it is that brought them in there to begin with. I decided I wasn't going to fight them on it because the fight was bigger and longer than the 2 minutes of privacy invasion....

then they started getting older and it wasn't just one at a time, they would gang rush me in the bathroom to have me name who got the most time and therefore is more deserving of game time....


I finally had enough of that and I sat the kiddos down to let them know that from this point forward, ANYONE who was in the bathroom was there for a reason and that is their own personal space not to be invaded. If anyone needs them, knock on the door and let them know and then back off and give some space. For the most part they listen, well...except my youngest son (he's the one i was too tired to discipline and it shows). He's still a mamas boy who gets away with way too much so he will barge in sometimes but for the most part....its private time right?

I honestly can't remember how I was raised. Im pretty sure my moms always been a 'well its only us 3 girls so Ill leave the door open and have a full conversation while I'm peeing...no big deal' kind of woman....but taking a crap? No! That was always private!

Apparently once you get up there in age, all inhibitions are tossed to the side and it becomes ok to not only walk in but leave the door open, walk out and still be carrying a conversation with someone..WHILE THEY ARE TAKING A CRAP! 

Im sorry but shouldn't that be the one place of privacy??
Its only a few minutes of the day, I mean are you freaking kidding me? And not only does my amazing mother do all that, but now she's invited my little nephew to come and 'sit next to shell' on his mini potty seat....

What are we, hippies now? Communal shits? How is this even happening right now? I can't help but feel a bit invaded. Living under the same roof as my mother can be quite interesting. I love her more than anything and this has not affected that at all but I just want my few minutes of my bathroom hideout back!! 

Is it really too much to ask??