Wednesday, July 15, 2015

America the Great?

Things have gotten so bad in my beautiful country that I can't even turn on the news. Sensationalism is what motivates laws now. 

Before I begin my tirade, let me say a few positive, while be it past tense, things. 

Growing up in a very christian, blue collar, american home, I was taught all about the history of my great country. I loved learning about the forefathers of this country. I loved their own handwritten articles and journals and philosophies! It was inspiring as a christian to know that their passion for their faith and their love for God propelled them to create a freedom from anyone who would try to suppress it. In fact, I would love to watch "Liberty's Kids" (a show about the american revolution) but was often frustrated at the realization that no one wanted to incorporate the Godly motivation behind the whole thing. If it weren't for that, there would be no America. Even as a child, I learned somewhere along the line, people decided they wanted to take God out of the equation all together. Naively, I thought that if I could be a politically educated activist, I could rally all the christians of the country together and make a change. My younger self was quite ambitious and often thought the world was rainbows and skittles, apparently. Hindsight is 20/20....
Christians are too divided amongst themselves to be able to unite in solidarity to keep this country on the right track. Its a devastating revelation! 

Now 25 years later we have christian prejudice ruling the majority. Christians are more torn amongst themselves than they have ever been. Its heartbreaking....

Justice is a lost cause
If its not about sensationalism then its not worth talking about.
I would love to be able to place the blame widely on Social Media but social media doesnt run itself. There are people behind a screen typing and putting it all out there. Why is it that this is what people want? Think back to Rome....the Coliseum....
think about the bloodshed and the massive crowds, cheering for more. I can't even watch scary movies because of that. I know that its staged, people aren't really dying but I literally cannot watch being tortured or killed and closing my eyes isn't even enough because you can still hear whats going on. I refuse to allow gory or scary movies in my home...POINT BLANK! 

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Love, Your Incredibly Scary Future Mother-in-Law :)

You know those cutesy little graphics that are made that start with "If you want to date my son/daughter...."??

This is not reality!

Parents, this is the trick I have found to work....


No matter how hard you try...
No matter how nosy you are...
Or how 'up in their business 24-7' you are...
Those little shits get past you!!

Im speaking of some of the evil spawns there are out there, of course. Not the perfect children out there who clearly exist because I know I sure as hell have em and if you're reading this, Im willing to bet you have the good kind too...
PS-this makes me like you 

Lets just get to it...
You are close to your kids which means you are also close to their friends. If that statement is not true, you should probably leave and I no longer like you because the key to having the best relationships with your kids as you possibly can means to be a mother AND a friend! 

My children are all connected to me on their social medias and anything they do comes straight to my cell as an alert...I do this for 2 reasons....
1.You can have really fun conversations via social media and they really enjoy it...mine do. 
2. It helps me monitor whats going on and whats going on with their friends. It also hopes me know who's trustworthy and not in their cliques

However, back to the subject at hand...
There will be a few bad seeds that slip into the crop....

Not by banning them from our children's lives. 
Not by packin up and abandoning ship....ships aint cheap!
So then, how else do we get rid of them? 


YEP! You should already know your child well enough to get inside of their little minds. If you don't, you have failed as a parent thus far and need to change this have a very short window. 
Your next job is to get to know 'the invader'. This is where being a mom comes first and being a friend takes a back seat. You go through their communications! Privacy is something they get when they pay their own bill. That's my phone that I am allowing you to use temporarily and Ive established rules for you to be using these. I expect your full cooperation when I decide to randomly check your phones for your own protection and good.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Disclosure My Butt!

Ya know what I find incredibly sad? 

The fact that I have to censor myself because I am worried about people starting a huge argument and possibly offending people to the point where they don't want to even be friends anymore...and when I say "I", Im not speaking of just myself because I see it all over my newsfeed. People posting things they want to share with disclosures so as to not offend anyone or start a war. 


If you know me then you know that I am not one to fit in ANY mold. Every "clique" that I should be in (Soccer mom, christian, advocate...and those are just to name a few) but I don't fit into any of those. I am very proud to be a christian but for some reason that people think that makes me perfect. Being a sports mom of 6 kiddos means that I am supposed to have it all together and be prim and proper and have a Martha Stewart type home....and hey, because Im passionate about my beliefs, I won't even go through the stereotypes that are associated to me being an advocate. 

If you are still reading this, then you must like thank you :) but can I just be honest now? 

Im not perfect!! Being a Christian means that I am imperfect.....soo imperfect!! It also means that I believe my God loves me so much that He sent his Son to die so that my flaws could be forgiven and I could be made new. Each and every time I go to him in that Son's name, I am covered in the loving blanket of His blood. So...

Spoken by Jesus Christ himself....

So excuse me but back off!! 

And being a soccer mom to me, means that I love my kids enough to keep them active and out of as much trouble as I possibly can so that they can have a happy and fulfilling youth that leads to a successful adulthood. And my babies (adopted babies included) aren't perfect....Im the first to admit this BUT they are the best damn kids in the world! and I won't tag them because they will be all "another one of moms novels" but if you guys do happen to see this just let me say that I LOVE YOU ALL MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THIS WORLD AND I THINK YOU ARE PERFECT! FLAWS AND ALL!! IM GLAD THAT HE TRUSTED ME WITH YOU. 
umm and bringing that back down Ill say
Thanks for not expecting Martha Stewart. Thanks for loving my "queen of the hot n ready" mentality! Don't let anyone make you feel less than you are! if you still made it this impressed. 

Lastly, from here on out, Im going to say what I feel I want to say. Im going to let go of my censorship. I don't mean to offend anyone but the great thing about Facebook is that it has options to take me off of your newsfeed. You don't have to remove me from your friends list...although should you want to, thats your right (but you would miss me). If you remove me from your feed, you won't have to worry about seeing my posts unless you click on my profile. 

I don't want a fight from anyone...If you disagree with my opinions and beliefs then you are entitled to the right to disagree but lets agree to disagree and leave it at that. I only make up my mind after much thought and study on it. They are MY beliefs, MY actions, MY decisions and MY convictions, NOT yours and I am never going to try to push them on you, however, you're probably not gonna make me change my lets just leave it at


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Message of Hope and Love

Welcome to my new blog

I don't want this to be a detailed version of everything gone wrong in my life. I would rather share what I've learned on the other side of the hard times and the pain. I want to bring a message of hope and unconditional love. I have gone through many trials in life.  At one point, I had just accepted the fact that I would never be close to God because I had so many unanswered questions, doubts and guilt. The biggest thing that kept me from going any further into my faith was the guilt and shame. I knew that the bible said, 
"There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit." (Romans 8:1) I always took that to mean that because I was a christian I wouldn't feel condemnation but that's not it, AT ALL. 

Look again at this verse. Seriously, lets break it down like grade school English class. 

There  is  therefore  now  no  condemnation    for   those  who  are  in  Christ   Jesus. 

The beginning of this sentence tells us 
WHEN~which is "AS OF RIGHT NOW" from the moment you read that through the rest of your life.
WHAT~condemnation, which is judgement and disapproval
WHO~the ones who are IN Christ....looking for a relationship with Him...who are wanting more and seeking after Him. 
WHY~because God so LOVED the world, that he sent his ONLY son to be a living, pure sacrifice for our sins! That is LOVE, people! He really LOVES us. An unearthly, pure, holy, comforting, unconditional LOVE

When you experience a real relationship with Him, it changes things. I wish I could show you but I can only tell you. My prayer is to lead you to the same desire for more of Him even through the heartache and pain. When it boils down to it, that's really what this is all about. The hurts in our life have only been hurts because it causes heartbreak. Can you just imagine what he felt? 

The trial....the people screaming to kill him
He was innocent! 
He didn't do anything to deserve that...
All he wanted to do was save us
He was guilty of love...perfection...healing...miracles
And still they wanted him to die

The road to the hill....stripped of your clothes minus a loin cloth that was barely hanging on from the treacherous whipping...I can't imagine the physical pain...who cares about humiliation. To be beaten so severely and have people just staring at you. No one trying to stop it or come to your aid. Only a man who was commanded, by the soldiers to help you.

Then the actual time on the cross. Still in pain and absolutely broken mentally, realizing that God~your father~who had put you here for this reason~was in so much pain that He~EVEN AS GOD~found it too hard to watch and had to leave him there hanging~ When Jesus cried out, "My God My God, why have you forsaken me." He was alone. Abandoned and alone 

How many of you have felt alone? How many have been betrayed?
Rejected? Outcast? Falsely Accused? Beaten? In unimaginable and never-ending pain? Looked death in the eye? 

But if we are talking about the trials and even death of Jesus, then we also have to talk about the resurrection. Thing of the beautiful reunion between he and God? The closeness and appreciation for each other. Not just the closeness of their bond but also getting to be close to all the 'children' that he sacrificed himself for. The other side of the pain is beautiful! 

Because of my trials, I feel I have been reborn. I see things in a new light and it is such a freedom! That's what I feel...
Spiritual Freedom. 

This doesn't mean that there won't be hard times. There will because we are told that we will be persecuted for His names sake. Actually, the end of the Romans 8:1 is just as important as the beginning. ****see notes at end

"Who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit." which means that we have a choice....and we won't always choose to follow the Spirit....which then opens us back up to condemnation. What we need to remember is that the sacrifice has already been made so the blood is already in place for our atonement. All we have to do is seek him. In my experience, a deeper prayer life and praise and worship time have been the matches to ignite the flame. 

This is a JUDGE FREE zone. I am not here to judge anyone. This is just where I am at personally. I have found a strength in God that has allowed me to not only get through my trials and tribulations but come out victorious! If it has worked for me, maybe if I share it and help other people find this will work for them too!

 ****Regarding Romans 8:1....Some translations do not include "who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit" because it was claimed to be a scribal error. That has been proven otherwise (excellent explanation in the article in the link below), which is why I think the end is just as important as the beginning**** 

Always read for yourself and draw your own conclusion.