Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Key To Success

I believe I have found the key to a womens sense of self and freedom.

No, seriously....

I have a few best friends, one in particular that I spend a lot of time with. People always think we are up to no good when I say that we get together at night and quite often, I don't get home til 3am....sometimes earlier but most of the times later. I know that sounds odd. What would a mom of 6 be doing out so late, especially when she has to wake up to get her kids off to school in the morning? 

The Answer?

Taking advantage of this uninterrupted time to get some ME time

No seriously! You wait until the kids are cuddled in the bed and you head on out. ~and why has no one thought of this before now??

~before you go calling CPS on my ass, please know that as of right now, I am lucky enough to have 3 adults at home at night so Im not leaving my children alone.....BUUUT if there were no adults at home, I would definitely do it...and heres long as the oldest kids are old enough and responsible, ~youre gonna wanna write this down....
you take one of their cell phones (this step might just be the hardest) and call your own phone (if you're going to be a while, you put it on the charger) then you keep your bluetooth on, just like a baby monitor....

Course, it helps when my bff is less than a mile away. ~doin a happy dance

Our nights of coffee and cigarettes and chatting (C.C.C.) are most definitely needed. 

Then I came home to reality at 2am...

Meaning laundry is piled up, dishes are everywhere, floor hasn't been mopped and the counters have food all over them! ~reality check

Pretty sure I told the oldest 2 to make sure they split the chores and had it all done because I had been bustin my ass all day long and I was D-O-N-E for the night. Or so I thought but it is now 4am and I am just now done with the dishes. 

Im not mad but I am falling over on this Macbook of mine. ~need sleep now

My blog is like a journal, if you will. Im just recording my journey. You don't have to like me or even agree but this is what works for me!

Pretty mad at the kids but nothing that a little charting can't do ~ie chore charts, bible charts (bwahahahahahaha I am so evil)

Hope it works

Also, a little inspiration for today...

Have an exceptional day today everyone