Thursday, October 6, 2011

Throwback Thursday

(Originally written October 6, 2011)

Things I love Thursday...

I love this blogging day!

First thing I love
I decided years ago, early on that dinner time was going to be a staple in my home! Everyone had to be at the table. This would be our time to eat and spend quality time together. We came up with what we call is the "guessing game". Whoever is "it" picks a person place or thing (we normally concentrate on famous people or cartoon characters) and then they start giving clues 1 at a time. After the first 3 clues are given, if you think you know it raise your hand and wait til your picked and then give your best guess. If you get it right, youre it! :) Silly and Simple but we always have so much fun at dinner!

Its what I look forward to every day :)

(ku is "it")

We love laughing!
(yes those hearts are coverups...sorry)

I am in love with Newfoundland Dogs!

I was lucky enough to have one but when I moved into this community I had to find him a new home (which took several months and many unpleasant inquirers rejected but he finally went to a home and she sends me regular updates on my buddy). Every year I say "ok Im getting one for my birthday" or "this christmas thats it, Im going to start looking" but then I think about how busy we are and :( sadly I come to the realization that its not time yet, HOWEVER, its coming!! I feel it! lol

Lastly for this Things I love thursday....I love DANCING!! Now, in the club you will find me out on that floor doing anything thats the latest because I pride myself in learning all new popular favorite will always be the cupid shuffle because I just have way too much fun doing it and I love the hips I add! LOL however!! The best dancing is the kind you cant control! The kind that you think no one can see and you just cant help but to "bust a move" right? I do it all the time. One of my favorite things to do is put the music on loud while Im cooking and cleaning and just dance like theres no tomorrow. Sometimes I dance good and sometimes I look like Elaine from depends on how Im feeling but I LOVE to dance! So I am putting a few videos up for your enjoyment...get up and shake it baby!! You know you wanna!

In honor of my fave....the cupid shuffle
(when you get up and do this....get into it!!)

(hahahaha hes got a groove goin dont he?)

(love this!)

and another fave of mine....(starting to miss my club days now)
gotta watch the lady in the black sweater thats behind the guy in the vest, she gets in it and follows it well! i just dont know how you can hear it, be out on that floor and no go ALL out! me and my girls have a phrase that means its time to get out that and do it like theres no tomorrow..."DO IT BIG THEN!"

Alrighty well now that im all pumped up, Im going to go dance a while before the kiddos come home :)