Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Self Awareness: The Key to Positive Living

I am a firm believer that when you go through a hardship, trial or difficult time in life you gain knowledge from experience. I also think that it's selfish to not share that wisdom with others. For anyone who doesn't know, I am a motivational speaker to youth. With the way the world is going these days, our youth need direction more than ever. They are so broken. These are lessons that I am passing on to my youth group as well as my chorus girls. I don't have the time to really go deep in my testimony. I would be here all day if I wrote about all the adversities I have had to overcome in life. I would have to go all the way back to 4 years old so rather than do all that I am going to share the wisdom I have learned. 

It doesn't matter what your circumstances are you CAN rise above them. It's no secret that most people have some sort of trauma as a child and as a result, most people are broken. The trick is to stay in reality. Most of us (as a defense mechanism) try to create our own version of reality. If a rose by any other name is still a rose, then creating one's own reality is simply living in a fantasy world. I am the best example of that. The problem is that reality is a fact and it's happening wether you want it to or not. Sooner or later it's going to collide with your fantasy world. That collision causes your struggles to be much worse than they should be. By being out of touch mentally and emotionally, you are setting yourself up for disappointments. Sometimes they are so great it causes shock, depression, hopelessness and defeat. No one deserves to live in that state of mind. 

Does that mean by being self-aware you will not have any troubles? No! Of course not! But in a stronger mental and emotional state you will have the proper tools to assess the troubles in order to find a solution. Awareness of the fact that this is just a phase and there will be an end to the hard time is crucial. As long as you stay aware of your emotions and thoughts and you are working toward the next phase, you will come out stronger and wiser. 
And that just makes sense. 
Mind over matter. 
Giving up is not an option. 
Pitying yourself will get you nowhere. 
Allow yourself to feel whatever negative emotions come to the surface. Feel them, accept them and let them go. Then you are able to switch from the emotion to the mental awareness of the situation. 

This is why the study of psychology is so fascinating to me. 
Not only do you have to be aware of yourself and how you process life, you also need to be aware of others and how they operate. Most troubles in our lives are tied into other people and not just ourselves. There will be people in your life that are negative energy. How you deal with these people will affect your life and the environment in which you live. In some cases, nothing you say or do can change the negativity in your life. It then becomes a situation where you have to separate from this person, if possible. If this is not an option, you need a strategy for not giving that persons negativity any power. It may be that you need to make changes in your life to remove yourself from that negative situation. Remember, you are never stuck somewhere forever. If you find yourself in a situation where you feel "stuck" then you need to come up with a solution to be un-stuck. There is always a way out. Fear and comfort will tell you no, but there is. You have to be brave enough to leave your comfort zone to get to the next and more improved phase of life. 

And listen, this takes work!
I have learned that meditation helps me tremendously. It forces me to pause, remove myself from any negativity and regroup. I still have times of weakness, I am human. 
But as a result of self awareness and just me living "my truths" with myself and others, I have found my strength. 

And this is a lesson that can be learned at any age. It doesn't matter how big or small your challenges are or at what stage they are at, you can still overcome and grow from them. 

Friday, April 13, 2018

Journey to my Happy Spot

Let me start this off by painting a picture.

in my living room 
in my comfy chair that I sleep in most nights
it's 4:28am
I am here writing (and on AP)
listening to music (of course)
in my beats (of course)
the fan is on low
the window is open
there is the most beautiful, slightly brisk breeze blowing in
Just me
no kids
no calls
no meetings
no expectations
no disappointments
Just me, my music, my keyboard and this cool fresh breeze...
This is my temporary spot
~for another hour anyways~

I didn't mean to start like that but I felt that breeze blow through as I typed the title and I just had to. Ironically enough, it fits!

I've decided to take a mini vacation.
My soul is uneasy and I need to settle it so that I can remain in my Happy Spot.
I'm going to Gatlinburg next weekend. I've asked Cindi to go with me and of course I take Lacie everywhere so she's coming. Zabien will be coming too, as a birthday present and he's also my Lacie helper. Plus, he has really gotten clingy to me since he's been sick and I don't mind that one bit. 

Can I just take a minute to brag on my son. All you mama's with true "mama's boys" out know what I'm talking about. My Zabien is the most perfect child ever! He is fiercely protective of me but in such a loving way. He is my smartest, funniest, most loving, compassionate, and nurturing baby. I am almost in tears at how blessed I am to have such a beautiful bond with him. 
Thank you, God.

Anyways, something is going on with me. I know myself well enough to know that I am walking on the edge of a very slippery slope right now and I need to take a time out. 

I need space.

I need time away.

I need a minute to reflect on my journey and how I have gotten to this point so that I can put together a plan for the next phase of life. I have so so so many things to be thankful for. I have things in my life that I never thought I would be able to have...ever! And the hole in my heart has been filled. I couldn't be happier about that but a fear has set in. It's an insecurity and it's eating away at me. I need some time to process all this. 

I'd be lying if I said this was the perfect time to take a vacation. I know it's not the most convenient time but this is kind of important. I am struggling right now.
I know I will be ok. Actually, it's because I know myself and I know what I need to get through this. Thankfully, I have a husband who will do whatever is needed to make sure I get what I need out of this. He's seen where this goes and I'm sure he doesn't want me there again. So, he's reassured me that the rest of the kids are good in his care and I can take however much time I need.


He knows I'm coming back. 

Thank God for a man that can accept the come backs as enough. I am not the easiest person to love, that's for sure. 

I feel better when I blog so I'll be taking my Mac and enjoying my Smoky Mountain views as I write. 
Oh dear God let this week fly by, please! 

This girl's goin home, y'all!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Sunday Confessional: Parenting Problems (teens)

I have had so many major personal and professional breakthroughs this year. So much so, I have been in a constant state of "God, why are you blessing me so immensely?".
However, I am facing the hardest parenting trial thus far. I won't get into details (shocking right?) only to say that my daughter is going through somewhat of a rebellion. It's not easy for me. I didn't have to go through this with my older 3 and I pray to God I don't have to go through it with Jessie. Lacie, god bless her, is just an angel and there's no worry of that at all. 
It's gotten bad enough that I may have to pull her out of school and start homeschooling. Prayer in this area would be greatly appreciated. I may have methods that aren't popular but I have never been one to follow the crowd. I have raised my children to have strong faith, be respectful, both of others and of themselves, and put their family above all others (after God of course). I have always taught them that our ways are dying and they will face loads of temptation and opposition for our beliefs and ways of living but 

A-Never let anyone's opinion bring you doubt and confusion. You have God in you....listen to Him! 

B-Be strong but when you fall, get back up! Never allow yourself to wallow in the depths of despair. Life is too short to waste time on the sorrows.

C-Always operate in love, forgiveness, mercy, compassion, and never forget that honesty and loyalty are two of the best character traits you can possess. 

I have lived my life as an open book. Not a lot of people agree with that...why not?? I've always allowed my children to see my mistakes. No one is perfect....and mistakes are teachable lessons. I've established relationships with each of my kids and I've (up til now) been able to manage a friendship along with my Mothership. 
~note that word is it always should be~

This time though, the friendship is gone and I have to be Mom now. It hurts...I feel broken although I will not show her. My heart is aching. 

I know this is a phase...
I've been through it myself. 

I just always thought that my "phase" (at the same age she is now) was because of my dysfunctional surroundings and upbringing. If that is so, what is her reason? Milad and I have ALWAYS remained very close...even when it wasn't the easiest. Hell when we were separated, we still had family dinners at my house 3-5 times a week just to show them how close we all still were! She has a father who thinks she is the biggest blessing from God. She can do no wrong in his eyes...which is another reason I am hurting so bad. It breaks my heart to see him crying and asking if he did anything to her that would cause her to take this path. 

I think that was just getting too personal. I'll end with this...
Parents, it is so essential to check your kids! 
You have every right and I'll go a step further and say it is your DUTY 
as a parent to know who they are with, what they are doing and for the love of God, be diligent on their social medias! There are people out there preying on our children!! Yes, even other children. I am so thankful that I caught this before it got too bad. Another few weeks and I may not be having this same conversation. 

Pray for my hubby and me. We need wisdom, strength and understanding on a deep level.
Thanks, guys :) 

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sunday Confessionals: Never Too Much

I feel like the worlds worst blogger. I have been so incredibly busy...I've had no time at all to blog. Actually, I'm supposed to be doing 3 things right now and one of those things includes church so I have to hurry. There is a second service in 2 more hours so I'm not too hurried.

to the best church ever at Elevation Church!
(if you can't click on that pic for a link..its
~if you don't have a church or cant get there, try them out~

So, first the important things...

I've decided to partner up with a friend and go into the real estate business. I'm going to be taking the course and state exam soon so I should hopefully be licensed by the end of March. We are going to be flipping houses and I'm praying that this brings into fruition, everything that I am thinking it can. I don't think I've been this excited about anything. Actually, it's almost a too good to be true feeling that I'm having lol. Nothing in my life is this easy...
And y'all know that, so I'm kinda waiting for something. 
Just send your prayers and wish me luck! 

I stopped being a paying member of AllPoetry and have started taking them down one by one. It's almost like the end of an era for my poetry but at the same time, it's the end of an era in my life, too. I'm smiling so big right now. If I didn't look like I stuck my finger in a socket and have yesterdays makeup smeared all over my face ~don't judge me~
I would take a picture. Yea, no thanks! Anyways, I have categorized all the poems that are going into the book and I have officially begun the editing phase. I can't lie, this week I haven't done much with editing because I've been engrossed in learning everything I possibly can about this new business venture. 
Don't worry...I am definitely still on track for my release and this IS happening! My loyal AP followers would be so mad at me if I didn't. I would be mad at myself. It's the story I've been trying to get out of me for a long time. Which brings me to....

is 20/20 right? Because of the book and all of the sorting and editing I've had to do as of late, I've been in a dejavu. I have to read them as I go along and I feel like I'm being taken on a journey of a girl I can't remember fully. Oh, don't get me wrong, I remember her. I just don't remember why she was so sad...what was it that she wanted? I don't remember but that's because I feel like I've been reborn! I am physically getting my strength back. To come from being bedridden to driving around to my girls house is soooo much awesome sauce! I am not one to hold on to regrets. I believe that everything ~and I do mean everything~ that we go through as humans, no matter what age we are has the chance to either make us or break us. I also believe that it's a choice and you can CHOOSE to let it make you! Use it to become stronger and adjust your sails for a better sea! Lately I've been smacked in the face with the realization that even with all the hard times, pain and heartache...I am blessed! God has always been with me working behind the scenes and look at me. I know now that the most important thing of all is love. In every area! Love physically, emotionally, spiritually,'s all about love and through it all, I have ALWAYS been blessed with love. I feel untouchable! Gods love, husbands love, my kids love, my family and friends love...I'm surrounded by love and I get to love again. No more anger, hurt, resentment...

so that's whats going on with me.

Oh, lol in other news...
get ready for the gossip, y'all.

the ex--the one whom I have FINALLY managed to be rid of is a m-e-s-s!!
Oh lord, where do I start? Fresh out of jail (November), marries a drug rehab counselor (HOW? How is this man still pullin' **s?) and within a few weeks was already on the run and calling me for shelter and money.  I literally sat there with the phone in my hand, so dumbfounded that I couldn't speak. And when I did, I laughed! 

**Might this be where I add a big fat CONGRATULATIONS to the Mrs! I mean, how good were you at your job? So good and you must be on the journey of a lifetime. After the sarcasm subsides, Ill pray for you girl. mmm mmm mmm**

Was laughing the right way to go about it? Probably not, but what kind of stupidity is this? How many times, in how many ways do I need to make it clear that I am not interested in his life at all. I just reminded him that he gave up any right to my life when he said he was too selfish to be a father. 
Anyways, now he's on the local most wanted list. He's on the run with multiple warrants...
probation violation
domestic assault
~3 of those~
Just goin' places, ain't he? Mmm Mmm Mmm I honestly can't believe that I actually...Lord, just don't go there. I'm a new me LOL

So that's whats going on with me. I've had some of y'all asking about Zabe's health...he is learning how to navigate this. He still has headaches and tummy aches and they still don't know why. They just know that he has severe anxiety...crippling. My poor baby. He's getting better though. He's my buddy. Last night after everyone went to bed, he and I stayed up together and chilled to our favorite Arabic music on low and just talked and laughed for 2 hours. He's the coolest kid in the world, I swear! Thank you all so much for your prayers and kind words. I read them all to him and he loves it. He feels like part of our 'clique'! 

Well, I hope everyone has had a great weekend with their fam's and happy Sunday y'all! 

Monday, January 22, 2018

I've Been Bitten

by the writing bug.
 I just can't stop writing! 
This feels a little deja vu and I'm loving it! 

I started by writing poetry again. It just started flowing out of me. So many poems that I started thinking ~seriously~ about writing a book again. I talked about it to my sister and she was very encouraging and even offered me some info about her sister in law being a ghost writer. That just reignited the embers that were burning from this flame that started years ago.


Here I am! I am currently taking a few creative writing classes online (still continuing my psych studies). One in particular that I've fallen in love with is by the author Emily Gould. The 10 day journaling process that she starts with has been so inspirational and it's given me so many ideas. I cant wait til it's over and I can sift through it all to see what I put together.

Then, once I'm done with this class, I am going to take James Patterson's "masterclass", which I am so so excited to take.

My goal is to have 2 books published by the end of the year...
1-novel and 1-childrens book.
All illustrations will be done by my bestie, Cindi. 

I will share more as it progresses. I seriously can't wait to see what happens. This is something I've wanted to do since I was a teenager...which is too long ago to count the years so just don't try.

With that, I am off to continue writing.
Happy Monday, Y'all 

People Change

Today is going to be a multiple post kind of day. This topic depresses me but I wanted to battle through it because it's been kind of prevalent in my life the past few weeks. 

My kids friends are like family to us. I've always been the mom that houses them all. They come to my house to hang out and spend the night...sometimes many nights in a row. It was important for me to lay a good foundation for these kids to trust me and be open with me so I can help them navigate through tough times. They really are like my adopted kids. A few of them are/were so close that there families and my family became a big happy family. One in particular, that I've actually written about here in this blog before, was so close to us. He and my son met in 2nd grade and immediately became inseparable. I didn't think anything would come between them. Our families had so many great times together...
but the boys grew up and went in different directions. 

The reason that I've thought about this now is because he has reached out to me in the hopes of reconnecting with me and wanting to come over for the night. While I have no problem with this at all because I truly love this kid, my son isn't interested and it hurts my heart. This son of mine is very stern in his convictions. He will not associate with people who drink, smoke, party or anything like that. I try to help him understand that God loves us all....hates the sin, but loves us all and no matter what we are supposed to show his love to everyone. What this friend needs right now is to be loved because he's made some mistakes and he thought the new friends he made would be there through those rough times but they fell away, one by one. There were things that happened between him and my son that were hard for both of them. I know my son was hurt but I also know that this friend must've been hurt too. I see both sides. When I tried to talk to my son about it, he said that he was uncomfortable around this friend now and didn't think spending the night was a good idea. Also, this friend did some shady things to one of my other sons (again we were all close at one point but what he did to my other son kind of started the wedge). 

So, he sent me a message this morning on twitter and I was looking through his page and was just left with this sinking feeling of, 'aww, why did he choose this path?? it's so lonely and dark'. I didn't realize I said it out loud until my mother replied with, "people change, my dear". And that's the answer. 

People change

It sucks when the change brings separation. It happens so often and it's a rough process. The worst part is looking back on such fond memories of those people. It's like you want to reach out and say, "I miss you", but it wouldn't do any good. The person that you knew doesn't exist anymore. 

It's a form of grief...
A twisted kind of grief
Normally, when someone dies, you go through a mourning period and eventually you learn to adjust to life without that person. You get to keep the memories and hopefully remember them fondly. Not in the death of a friendship/relationship. 
It's like an actual death of something only you still see that person. It's hard to grasp. Things can't just be the same as they always were because things and people change. So, you have to learn to let go while they are still right there. It's hard and it sucks. What's even worse is when one or both parties hold on to hope that one day things might get back to what they were...or at the least you can reunite and mend the bridges between you to be able to start over. Hoping for a person to feel something for you because you still feel something for them is ROUGH! Friendship, relationship, doesn't matter because its all the same emotions. 

Leaving thought?
I want to apologize to anyone that I may have hurt, offended or even left behind as a result of changing myself.  If you know me at all, at any time in my life, you will know that I hate hurting people and I can say that I've never intentionally disregarded or hurt anyone so if you ever feel like I did, I truly apologize. 

Alright, that's enough depression for the day lol

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Scatterbrained Sunday

So, I wanted to do a Sunday confessional but I'm not sure if I'll end up having the time. Instead, I wanted to give you all a little comedic relief before getting into church this morning. I don't know if y'all have heard of this guy or not but he is 
His comedy is extremely sarcastic and witty...
just the way I like it. 
So if you needed a laugh today, and let's face it...who doesn't? then give it a listen. I'll post a few of them. 

Jp Sears "Phone Etiquette"

JP Sears "If meat eaters acted like vegans"

Happy Sunday everyone!! Time to get my praise on.